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Ezra Rogers
Ezra Rogers

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I can relate. Also wanting to die. Have for many years. Made some bad choices, and just feel hollow with everything after. No drug, experience or passion will ever fill the hole in my soul now, it's just a waiting game till the jig is up. Have also tried killing myself...just see no reason or value in any human action I take. And I am a teacher, I probably make some difference to someone..but what does that even matter? What a joke

I googled "I am waiting to die" and found your blog that resonates with me deeply. Here's the thing: I trained to be a therapist, I helped people through their trauma, their suicidality and to lead good happy lives. Yet, here I am. C-PTSD from childhood abuse, been exploited by many people, my body is falling apart (teeth, kidneys, liver and had several miscarriages). I have good days and bad days. When I work I go into "healthy mode". Today I am just waiting.

You see reading your post and these comments I guess only one or two made the point, you are just too coward to do it, that's why you here, I myself feel the same, I am 22, I fucked my life a while ago, I am a believer of god, but it doesn't seem to help much, just the idea of getting to hell is what made me wait longer but I didn't want to live so I hung myself, yet I was saved from death, I will try again, maybe this time just throw myself from the 10th floor, I wish you have succeded before you read my comment,life is unfair, and your life is fucked up, if you believe in god well then I guess you would probably just go to hell whether you kill yourself or not(I mean you have a lot of sins right?) just end it, a rehab won't do you good, but please if you are toooo coward t commmit suicide, don't write about it, you are making us *the real suiciders* look pathetic. we are not, we are more courageous than you are, we are stronger than to play in this play called life, suiciders won't come cry about it here believe me, so the chances are, 90% you won't do it.

I understand how you feel. I've been down that road myself. I won't tell you it will get better, cos it probably won't. On the bright side, atleast we are not afraid of death, only of the pain of dying.We are essentially waiting to die.and so we wait. Just wanted you to know you are not alone.

I googled waiting to die thinking there might be some insight out there, but I found this blog with some like minded people that I wish I knew IRL. Nothing gets better forever. It's temporary distractions that keep me here, innovation in health and technology. Im a blip, like an extra in a TV show that gets killed off so beautiful people can survive in their perfect lives. Where do those extra people go? We have to continue with our lives, so that the world has some sort of balance? So that good people can live? I keep thinking God will make this right, that I'm here for a purpose. But why I am here? To make others feel better about themselves? I'm certainly with flaws, too many to list. Why do I suffer through this? Is there an easier way?

I found this page by typing in "Waiting to die" in the search bar. I have had 60 years on this earth and although I cannot say they were all bad, it has definitely been a daily struggle. I don't want anyone to think that I would purposely harm myself but when the time comes, I won't fight it. Every day is a battle and I just don't have the fight in me any more. You cannot live without interaction from the outside world even to a small degree. I am tired of fighting the things that I cannot control. You know that death is a guarantee but living and waiting till then...very hard! Wanting to die and suicide are two different things. Sometimes the release of how you feel is enough to make it through one more day!

I understand. You are not selfish life is well fucked. I am 43 now and have kept these feelings at bay for awhile now even telling myself they were not there anymore but they were. I have a loving husband and will not kill myself because I don't want him to find my body. Life always punches down at me and I am tired of punching back up. So I have decided no more dr. Apt. No second shot. No medical anything. Honestly I am hoping that something comes to end this exsintinse

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