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Ezra Rogers
Ezra Rogers

[1.8.9] ESP MOD.jar

In this section You will be able to choose the best hacked clients for 1.8.9. They are the latest in the line of hacked clients for 1.8.x. In them You will find the latest improvements of the best clients for unfair game on servers. With such clients, You can become the best PvP master on any server. It is also worth noting that the choice of customers for this version is not great, which is very unfortunate. But if you choose the ones that are available - You can easily find what You need.

[1.8.9] ESP MOD.jar

' Xray.jarKradxns Xray Ported to Forge 1.8.9- made this mod with the intention for myself only. Therefore I didnt full debug the mod to best of my abilitys. The bug I have noticed is, while Xray is toggled, components(blocks, entitys, and/or other gui components) can/will get mis-colored. Personally for me I am okay with this because it still helps in finding blocks. It also can find modded blocks. Same keybindings as the 1.7.10 version.I did not test it within a modpack, I only tested it with a single mod (Pixelmon). The search bar in the Add Screen is better than the 1.7.10 search bar.1.8 got rid of ItemIds so now just type the name of object you wish to find.@Edit you do not have to include "minecraft:" in the search bar anymore OOOPS my bad. You can simply type diamond for all diamond related blocks.I tested in both development environment and in public environment and the mod works.

I cannot promise in managing the mod as no time.I may or maynot update SuperModBanner to 1.8.9 as wellP.S There is a small matter on performance. The Xray will scan X and Z values within the radius defined in config, however the Y value is set to scan from 0 to Player Y position. That means the higher in the sky you are the laggier the mod will become. I was lazy and went with the simple solution and instead of properly way*English is not my first language please excuse grammar errors.* 041b061a72


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